Music Video Blog Submission: 6 Tips to get more views on your Youtube video

Have you ever wondered why some artists have millions of views on their music videos, and they aren’t even that good? You’ve seen it happen. A mediocre artist has a simple video, and it has millions of views, and possibly a lot of revenue dollars thanks to the boost. How are they doing it? You may have a great video, you may have an incredible sound, but no views, making this all a frustrating issue. Here’s the thing, you need to know how to get your music across more than just one page. Music video blog submission is huge. If you can harness this simple power, you may very well see those millions of views hit your pages too. With that in mind, consider the following breakdown of how this happens, and how you may be able to gain serious momentum by submitting your music video to the right people.

Get Yourself Into Blogs Straightway

The first thing that you need to do is isolate blogs that are specific to the music style that you’re pushing. You shouldn’t just throw your music across all blogs that talk about music in general. One of the biggest mistakes that bands and labels make is submitting their musical elements to the wrong people. Don’t do this. It’s too easy to do this, and it’s very easy to get ignored. Some people have sent out there music to thousands of blogs, only to get a few mentions, if any at all. How could this be?

Well, with the internet being so ubiquitous, millions of people are posting about genres, and more. They are filling niches that you may not otherwise get. This includes music publishing for independent bands, and much more. This is a good thing. That means that your sound could get to an audience that is willing to listen. Just think about this for a moment. If you were a metal band and you sent your records to a country music or easy listening blog, they may not write reviews about it or promote it. You don’t want that at all!

Narrow The Search

Search for blogs that are within your band’s or artist’s demographics. Think about that for a moment. If you’re putting out metal records, find the biggest metal blogs, and some that aren’t so big, and contact the owners directly. Read the submission guidelines, and follow them to the letter. Do not try to circumvent this. Some bands think that they can just throw around their records, some money, and get to the front pages of well-respected music websites. That’s not going to happen.

As long as you’re narrowing your search, you are going to find great overall options to promote your music. Getting your music to the right audience is better than just putting your music out to millions, with many not caring about what you’re doing.

Consider Hype Machine Type Sites

Hype Machine is a site that indexes a lot of music blogs. 700 plus. But with anything that gets popular, people steal the idea and run with it. While Hype Machine is a secondary element to blogging as a whole, you want to join up with other sites that may help you. Here’s the thing, you want to get links and mentions across a lot of blogs, and then get those links within the confines of sites like Hype Machine. This may sound like something that is very difficult to manage, but it’s not.

Again, read the submission guidelines of blogs that relate to your music. Once you do that, send a lot of different options to blogs and get mentioned. Once you’re mentioned, submit links to auxiliary pages, and try to get focused on through Hype Machine style websites. Done right, you’re going to send millions of visitors to your pages, and you’re going to be absolutely thrilled with the results overall.

Starting Your Music Video Push (Youtube)

Now that you know a little bit about music promotion, consider how you can get a lot more publishing credit and views through music video submissions. First, you should be submitting your videos to Youtube. That’s the big site that you will need to work with. Only put up well recorded, good definition videos on your official page. Do not cut corners here. You want to make sure that you’re filming high quality videos and promoting yourself as a professional. Once you do that, you will have the first step going up the proverbial ladder of music promotion. Set up your own channel, make sure you tag it as official, and promote it on all the things that you’re working with online.

Do More Than Just Music Videos

Instead of just scripting videos, test out options like a full performance in HD. That’s right, get the artist or band together and put them in the studio, playing songs live. A quick performance of 3 or 4 songs could very well give fans of yours a little glimpse into the creative process. Furthermore, you could have live performance options from shows, and much more. The goal here is simple, diversify your reach in terms of creative music videos.

Advertise Your Videos

Within the confines of Youtube, you could pay for advertising. Advertising shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you should look at ways to get promoted within the video site, and across various blogs, and even PPC pages. The more you look at creatively marketing your videos, the higher the view count will be and the bigger your audience will become.


At this point, you have a lot to work with. Take a moment to consider how far your music can go if you utilize all the strength of the internet right now. You could have your videos on blogs, have them listed with Hype Machine style sites, advertise within the networks that move videos, and much more. Fire off on all cylinders, and you’ll gain the upper hand in promoting just about anything. Now you have the power to push through the crowded marketplace and see serious movement for your musical world.