After being signed to a Major label, Elsiane release Death Of The Artist independently

“…An experimental masterpiece…impossible to pin down to a single genre and with the potential to appeal to fans of many” – Sputnik Music

Today is alternative group Elsiane’s official return with its new album ‘Death Of The Artist’, after performing in Cirque Du Soleil and collaborating with Olivier Dufour on Quebec City’s 400th Anniversary celebration. The album touches upon how the music industry has been responsible for killing artistic talent, forcing individuals to conform to the mainstream, a reality Elsiane knows all too well after being signed to a major label. Elsiane, as free artists, refused to change their sound, resulting in them having to record and release ‘Death Of The Artist’ independently.

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Telling the story of the many trials and tribulations Elsiane went through as artists; ‘Death Of The Artist’ takes the listener on a musical journey, touching upon the death and rebirth of the artist and the struggle to make the most of this difficult past. The soul-searching album is a melting pot of different styles, from orchestral, downtempo and electronic, drawing comparisons with Massive Attack, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.


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