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+5000 Spotify Playlist Curators : the definitive directory to submit your music to

Spotify playlist curators

The rise of digital music streaming services such as Spotify has opened the door to music curators and playlist makers to help promote up-and-coming artists.

Submitting your music to Spotify Playlist Curators is becoming increasingly popular as an avenue to reach new audiences and create more exposure for independent artists. Curators often specialize in certain genres or styles of music and are an essential link between the artist and the streaming platform.

Through music submission to curators, artists can find new listeners who may be interested in their music. Additionally, playlist placement on streaming services can provide a boost in search engine rankings and has the potential to lead to more streams, downloads, and fans.

Therefore, submitting your song to curators is an important tool for independent artists looking to increase their reach and create more name recognition.

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