Submit your music to blogs isn’t as bad as you think

One of the biggest things that you can do to promote music today is find the influencers. Influencers exist in a lot of different arenas. In the past, you would submit your music to radio disc jockeys that would play songs. While that method still goes on today, program directors are not quick to play unsolicited material, or material that is not part of their format, and more. You’ll have a better chance harnessing the power of the internet. One of the big ways that you can target influencers online is through blogs. Submit your music to blogs is a great way to build, sustain, and pursue new fans. This is not open and shut, however. You could very well submit your music to 500 blogs, and get zero impact, if you don’t know how to pick them correctly.

Climbing charts without submitting your music to blogs

It is possible. There are bands that make it without any sort of initial push online or influencer. These are rare cases, and they are getting even more rare. If you want to climb to the top without any influencers, you can test the waters, but you could be working extra hard for very little return. Instead, look for social influencers that have readers interested in what music you’re pushing. For instance, if you are a punk band, you’d isolate publications and blogs that have loud music, including punk rock. Not sure where to look? Consider defining the genre based on bands that you’d like to tour with. Be realistic. Then look for publications, and blogs that have interviewed, promoted, and reviewed those bands. That will help you narrow down the search a bit.

Beyond Music

Music publications with large readerships may be tough to push through with. That’s why many companies utilize crossover appeal to get connected with new listeners. You’ve seen this occur with beer companies putting on shows, and clothing companies promoting records, as well as official theme songs for events. In order to achieve this level, you’ll need to define the personality type of your music, genre, niche, topic, and who you want to reach. Aside from the casual listener, who do you want to listen to your music? If you say, “everyone”, you’re thinking too big here. Narrow things down until you’re a household name. Crossover appeal requires thinking outside of strictly “niche” blogs.

Narrowing down locations and submit your music to blogs

Want to look for influencers in real time? Utilize the power of social media to figure out who is promoting what and where. Take Twitter for instance. Use hashtags to search for keywords related to your musical genre, contemporaries and more. Once you see influencers that seem to get retweets, and more, contact them directly. Hashtags are powerful search tools that can help you find people that have blogs, and more that you can use to help your music get to a larger audience.

Now that you have a small idea as to how to find influencers, take time to research this further (for example, discover our Top +416 Hip-Hop blogs directory). Search hashtags, search for bloggers, and see what acts are getting reviewed, promoted, and talked about online. Submitting your music to influencers doesn’t need to be difficult.