T8ddy unveils a very atmospheric, yet catchy new single: Androgene

Montreal—October, 23rd, 2022 —T8ddy releases his new single, Androgene, available on major streaming platforms. The song is released through Jouzik Records.

T8ddy is an artist and composer with a penchant for creating incredibly expressive and highly dynamic music. What really stands out about his creative approach is most definitely the fact that T8ddy is really not one to get stuck in the usual formula or cliches. On the other hand, he really loves to take the opportunity to explore his vision further with every release, not only thinking about his music on the standpoint of songwriting, but also in terms of texture and aural mood. This means that he is not just the kind of songwriter who is content with finding the chords and a vocal melody, but also creating a very beautiful fabric of sounds, layering his productions in order to achieve a more dreamy and immersive sonic experience for the audience.

“The artist’s most recent release, “Androgene” offers a unique take on combining styles such as hip-hop and dreamy electronic soundscapes. The song also features a collaboration with “Saradienne,” making for a truly unique vibe. The beautiful vocalizations in the background blend in perfectly with the synthesizers, going for a very dreamy vibe. This cinematic sound explores experimental trap tones, while also focusing on building big dreamscapes and huge textures. Conceptually, the song illustrates the birth of a boy, and it does so in a very majestic way that reminds people of the magical miracle that life itself is. Fans of people who like dreamy beats and amazing instrumental music is undoubtedly going to appreciate the unique sound and feel of this release, which feels like a great introduction to the artist’s work and vision overall.

T8ddy’s music comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys experimental trap with chill soundscapes and better melodies.

Find out more about T8ddy, and do not miss out on Androgene. This release is available on the very best digital streaming services on October 23rd.

Listen to Androgene: https://link.jouzik.com/tdy-androgene